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The STEM Solution for Your Classroom

Robotics is not only the future, it is also the present. By familiarizing students with programming, sensors, and automation, they hone critical computational thinking skills needed to succeed in both the 21st century’s workforce and in everyday life.

Beyond science and engineering principles, VEX Robotics solutions encourage creativity, teamwork, leadership, passion, and problem-solving among groups. That’s why VEX is committed to advancing robotics education as leaders in STEM, making it easy to implement and being your partner along the way!

Educational Robotics Gives Students Ownership Over Their Learning

Giving students real choices in the classroom through educational robotics can boost their engagement and motivation, allow them to capitalize on their strengths, and enable them to meet their learning needs. Educational robotics helps students feel a sense of autonomy, capability and relatedness.

  • Autonomy: Students feel autonomous when they understand the task, particularly if the tasks feels aligned with their values, interests, and goals.
  • Competence: Students feel competent when they believe they know what to do to be successful and feel capable of mastering challenges.
  • Students feel a sense of relatedness from feeling close to people or a sense of belonging in a group

VEX is Designed to Easily Implement

Our curriculum is developed by a talented team, a majority of whom are former teachers. Guided with empathy, our goal is to make our programs easy to implement. We bring together current research andclassroom experience to create comprehensive teacher tools and training to ensure teachers are prepared to succeed with our technology, curriculum, and pedagogy.

Find the Kit for Your Class
VEX product lines span all grade levels! Find the kit that’s right for your class by visiting our Product Page or reach out to the VEX help desk.

Get Started with Your Kit
Visit getstarted.vex.com to begin your STEM journey. VEX offers the tools, training and support to help you begin!

Professional Development
Level up your teaching credentials with the VEX Certification Program and prepared to guide your class in educational robotics. certifications.vex.com

Explore the VEX Teacher Portal
Find tools like VEX STEM Labs! Our plug-in lessons do more than just aid in teaching, they can unlock the potential of a STEM classroom itself. education.vex.com

Teach with VEXcode
The VEXcode coding environment meets students at their level. Your class will love seeing their code in motion through their robot! code.vex.com